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if you’re not following me on instagram yet, what are you doing with your life? my live crystal sales on ig are quite fun, & you get to see a lot more inventory than i have available here on my website. if you really want to get up close & personal with my whole crystal family, but can’t make it to an upcoming live sale, check this out. this may be a preferred shopping option for my neurodivergent friends especially.

just book a time below & we'll go live together on GoogleMeet for a 30-45 minute private shopping experience! it’s like a date with my crystals or a live sale just for you, except even better because we’re starting with a free tarot reading! we’ll pull 3 cards before we head to the crystal table to see which crystal energies you’re most in need of; body, mind, & spirit.

then you'll get all the great crystal info & up-close looks, as well as all of my inappropriate jokes! no purchase obligation, but you do have to laugh at my jokes. it really is like a date! book a free crystal date below! ⇩