just released | new handmade crystal jewelry

more of the adjustable, lariat-style crystals you know & love, & now introducing adjustable silk crystal bracelets & layering options with adjustable choker-style crystal necklaces. all handmade with intention using the finest, ethically-sourced materials i could find.

  • table covered in all sorts of crystals, arranged by color like a rainbow

    ethically-sourced crystals

    just because crystals come from the dirt doesn’t mean we want them karmically dirty. finding pretty crystals isn’t terribly difficult these days. trusting that those crystals will make it to your hands by ethical means is much more challenging. that was my first order of business when i decided to open a crystal shop. unethical or unsustainable mining practices, cruel treatment of workers, & fake or treated stones are some of the things i’m careful to avoid when sourcing crystals for my shop. after all, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to use something that caused harm to others for your spiritual healing. all crystals are cleansed & charged with an intuitively written affirmation before being lovingly packaged & shipped.

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  • live sales on instagram

    i love visiting crystal shops locally & support them more often than i should. however, not everyone is fortunate enough to have access to the neat shops i have local to me. shopping for crystals online often makes it difficult to choose the right ones for your needs. It’s hard to connect with still images, but at a live crystal sale it feels like you connect with the energies of the pieces being shown like in person. i love that at my live sales i get to talk about crystals till my lil heart’s content! i am a wealth of knowledge, friends. i also love the personal connections i make with my clients in this setting, especially since i do free tarot card pulls at my lives! follow me on Instagram for these lovely live sales several times a month!

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  • 1-on-1 virtual crystal dates

    i’ve never seen another online, retail crystal shop do this before, so i’m calling it a lil shop of light & love exclusive!

    if you like the idea of my live sales but can’t make it, just book a time & we'll go live together on google meet (or ig video chat if you prefer) for a 30-45 minute private shopping experience! it’s like a date with my crystals or a live sale just for you, except even better because we’re starting with a free tarot reading! i’ll pull 3 cards before we head to the crystal table to see which crystal energies you’re most in need of; body, mind, & spirit.

    then you'll get all the great crystal info & up-close looks, as well as all of my inappropriate jokes! no purchase obligation, but you do have to laugh at my jokes. it really is like a date! lol!

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the ocean is incredibly powerful & magickal. you can include this energy in your practice... 

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